Coccodrill - Partner shortlisting & Building webshop

General info

Industry: Marketplace
eCommerce Platform: Magento 2
Market: Bulgaria

After a recommendation from our partners, we were contacted by a client who aimed to build a marketplace platform with the concept of making it a competitor to the largest online stores in Bulgaria. Such a large-scale project requires a team of consultants in the field of business development, e-commerce, ERP systems and marketing. With their help, we prepared three scenarios and created a roadmap for the realization of the set goals. After their presentation to the client, one of them was chosen and we started its implementation.

Our approach

Creating such a platform requires a lot of effort from many teams, which must successfully collaborate to cover all aspects of an e-shop such as the marketplace. After a series of meetings, we created three scenarios to achieve this goal in the next 3 years, which we presented to the client. We prepared a technical and functional assignment of the e-shop and the ERP system through which the selection of offers and selection of a contractor was performed. We conducted an in-depth study of competitors and built a marketing and branding strategy for the development of the store.

Our activities

  • Preparation of a project roadmap
  • Creating a technical assignment for ERP system and online store
  • Selection of contractors
  • Competition research
  • Creating a marketing strategy
  • Identity branding advice
  • UX/UI design
  • Key Partnerships Building

The result from our work

After more than 6 months of work on the project, the client currently has a fully customized ERP system and a completed online store. All the necessary presentation materials based on the branding strategy have been created and numerous partnership agreements have been concluded. Currently, market research is being conducted among the target audience through which a number of consumer categories will be selected. After the final tests on all platforms, the marketplace will be launched.

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