Quadra Conversion rate optimization

General info

Industry: Cosmetics
Website: https://www.quadraccess.com/
eCommerce Platform: WordPress & WooCommerce
Market: Bulgaria

We started working with the client with the task of achieving sales without making additional investments in the marketing budget and development of a new site. When we started working, the online store generated only a few orders a day. Many users left the selected products in the cart and did not complete their orders.

Our approach

After signing the contract, we organized two meetings with the client to get acquainted in detail with the business model. During the first month of our joint work, we conducted market research for competitors, their key advantages, as well as a detailed analysis of potential consumers who would buy this type of product. We audited the site to find the main problems that repel users. We have compiled a strategy for the development of the store in the next 12 months and have defined the main activities that are needed to achieve results within 3 months.

Our activities

  • Optimizing the loading speed of the online store;
  • Setting up tracking to monitor user behavior
  • Creating new landing pages for specific product categories
  • Google Ad Campaign Optimization
  • A / B Testing
  • Training the team to work with Google Add

The result from our work


Increases conversions by


Increase in orders


Increased net sales

Abandoned cart revenue

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