Why eComm X

Omnichannel solutions for online stores to magnify CRO

Scale & Conquer

We help you dominate your market niche by scaling with the right pace, doing the right thing in every single moment.

Enhancing Competitive Advantages

We help you leverage growing potential by making it easier for customers to purchase from your store.

Save Time & Money

We help you get faster results with proven eCommerce strategy and tactics instead of wasting resources doing trial and errors. 

Digital Marketing & Advertising


A digital marketing analysis researches and evaluates your business, audience, and competitors to build a custom, data-driven digital marketing plan for your company.

Branding & Design

Design is building your brand identity. Every choice from which typography, colour palette, form/shape, the brand voice adds up and speaks for your brand’s image in the customer’s eye.

Market research

Market research goes a bit further than standard customer research in that it also provides insight into your industry. Fine-tune pragmatic campaigns and yield truly remarkable results.

Goal Setting & KPIs

Setting clear destinations by establishing SMART goals channels your work towards a specific result you desire. Performance should inform business decisions, and key performance indicators (KPIs) help you measure progress.

Conversion Rate Optimization

User Behaviour & UX

Gain and implement insights from rich analytics to create a seamlessly easy for customers to take actions on your online store.


Save time and increase productivity by installing key processes such as email flows. Target different customers with the right message at the right moment.

Abandoned Cart

Only 25% of shopping carts lead to a purchase. Remind customers to finish their order by installing abandoned cart recovery processes like SMS or email messages.

eCommerce Development


Leverage 90% of the online purchases by using a mobile-first responsive online store. Design and adopt different versions of your website to fit your brand’s message.


Build a minimalistic checkout flow of pages to make it a no-brainer for customers to take action. Leaving only essential fields of required customer data inspires trust and purchases.

Integrations & Automations

Install systems and processes with the right tools that support your business goals to save time and resources.

Product page

Present your product as a deal in the customer’s eyes by showcasing all the benefits and features your business offers.

eCommerce Consultation


Based on your business goals a roadmap allows you to lay out actionable steps to achieve your desired outcome.


Migrating from one platform to another allows you to keep up with the latest technologies and own your niche. Replatforming is a complex project that we can make easy by breaking it down into smaller steps.

eCommerce effectiveness audit

Understand what could be improved by revisiting a selection of aspects of your online shop – ranging from the effectiveness of your technology stack, usage of third-party solutions and the overall customer experience.

Growth strategy

Design a path to achieve your business goals at both a disruptive and sustainable pace. Be one of the few companies that manage growth by scaling operational processes to deliver services and products always on time.

Managing your online store doesn’t have to be hard.

Speak to an eCommerce consultant today and resolve your problems